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The spontaneous or directed assembly of preformed nanoscale building blocks into organized structures such as linear chains, meso-crystals or hierarchical hybrid arrays provides a unique approach to advanced materials that exhibit architectures and functions across multiple length scales. This approach – termed “nanotectonics” – is based on the programmed organization of inorganic and organic nano-objects using a range of design concepts such as nanoscale surface engineering, periodic confinement and non-equilibrium instability thresholds.

Researchers in the COMC have recently published work demonstrating:

nano1 Synthesis of ordered arrays of metal nanowires and nanoclusters in protein single crystals

nano2 Silicification of emulsion-grown protein nanocrystallites

nano3 Ligand-directed assembly of linear chains of Au nanoparticles and optical properties

nano4 Clay nanoparticles coated DNA molecule

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