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Hybrid Materials

Hybrid Materials

Nano-engineered hybrid materials with novel structures and properties have diverse applications as advanced functional materials. Hybrid structures are the result of integrative design, where properties from a diverse range of materials (whether biological, metallic or mineral) are combined with synergistic results.

Researchers in the COMC have recently published work demonstrating:

hybrid 1 Fabrication of mesoporous graphene-polymer nanocomposite materials

PorphyrinSelf-assembly and template-directed mineralization of porphyrins

hybrid3Cooperative assembly of mesostructured polymer/organoclay hydrogels with novel guest-host properties

hybrid 4 Self-assembly of nucleotide/metal cation suprmolecular hydrogels

hybrid 5 Synergistic assembly of layered DNA-functionalized graphene nanocomposite materials

hybrid 6 Non-equilibrium spontaneous assembly of hybrid nano structures such as polymer-inorganic hybrid nanofilaments (left image) and polymer-zeolite micro-frameworks (right image).

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